Accessories for handling systems

FMB’s Unirobot handling systems can benefit from the addition of a range of safety fences and functions.

Deburring systems

We can integrate deburring spindles and grinding brushes for the deburring of the workpieces after removal from the machine tool by our robots.

Cleaning and corrosion protection systems

After machining, clinging chips and coolant residues can be removed from finished parts in baths or blow-off boxes with air curtains. Dipping or spraying systems can be used to apply corrosion protection to the machined workpieces once cleaned.

Marking and labelling systems

Laser marking systems and dot peen markers enable the machined workpieces to be marked.

Door automation systems

With our door automation systems we offer the possibility of automating all machine tools, including older existing ones.

UNIPROVE workpiece measuring systems

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