About us

FMB has been established in the world of industrial turning since 1980.

Offering a selection of loading magazine products, FMB is a byword for reliable, economic equipment for the loading and unloading of machine tools. With a wide range of products, including both standard solutions and special systems tailor-made for customers, we have succeeded in winning the trust of users, retailers and original equipment manufacturers all over the world. Additional products, such as the Unirobot series, have led to an expansion of our range to include general industrial automation with its wide variety of conveyor, loading and unloading requirements.

We believe our primary task lies in optimising the economic benefits of our users. In-depth knowledge of the production processes and carefully project-managed systems are an essential prerequisite for this.

We ensure fast amortisation of our systems with reliable, flexible customer services, and of course we continue to supply spare parts for a long period of time.

We employ a workforce of around 150 for the development, production and maintenance of our high-quality automation technology. Their experience, gained from the production of more than 25,000 machines and systems, guarantees that FMB will continue to serve its customers with innovative products and far-reaching services for a long time to come.