unirobot 2PW khs

A compact handling system with 2 trolleys for taking stacked workpiece carriers in formats of up to max. 600 x 400 mm and automated pallet changer.

The Unirobot 2PW loading and unloading system is suitable for the automation of CNC-controlled lathes, milling machines, boring centres, presses, cutting dies and many more.

It is fitted with a modern 6-axle industrial robot, which handles the workpieces by means of a gripper system tailored to specific workpiece types.

Technical data

Robot manufacturer



Robot handling weight

max. 7 kg

max. 7 kg

Robot range

927 mm

911 mm


Moveable cells

Workpiece carrier system

Pallet system, Trolley system


Stacked workpiece carrier 600x400 mm

on trolley

Stack height max. 590 mm

Load capacity

max. 50 kg

per workpiece carrier


The robot cell is fitted in front of the loading doors of the machine tool. A rail system anchored to the floor enables the robot cell to be moved in relation to the machine tool for fitting and maintenance works. Three zero indexing points on the rail system enable the robot cell to be fixed in a precise location after being pushed back into the working position.

A torsion-resistant steel frame forms the basis for all parts fitted to and incorporated in the robot cell. The robot cell is equipped with an all-round protective cladding. Two maintenance doors give access to the robot cell.

The feed and removal of the workpieces is by workpiece carriers of a format of max. 600 x 400 mm. The workpiece carriers are fed to and removed from the robot cell by trolleys. The robot cell is equipped with two shafts, one for an unmachined part trolley and one for a finished part trolley. The workpiece carriers can be stacked on the unmachined part trolley up to a maximum height of 590 mm.

The handling of the workpiece carriers is by a pallet changer. The pallet changer takes the workpiece carriers with unmachined parts from the unmachined parts trolley and places them on the working level of the robot for removal of the workpieces and insertion into the machine tool. Once processed, the workpiece carriers with finished parts are stacked on the finished parts trolley. 

The robot cell may be fitted with an optional divider to separate the loading space from the working space of the robot, thus enabling the trolleys to be changed during a work process.

The robot control unit is built into the frame, so that the whole unit only requires a space of 1,800 x 1,200 mm plus 1,000 mm room for manoeuvre.

The operation and programming of all the robot cell functions is via a compact, user-friendly manual programming unit with touch screen.

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