unirobot WTUF pro

An automation cell with circulating conveyor workpiece carriers in formats of up to max. 800 x 500 mm.


Development of a loading and unloading system for a MATSUURA MX-850 5-axle milling machine, for the loading and unloading of 4 types of large-format pressure die-cast workpieces (800 x 500 x 100 mm – 8 kg), into and from a hydraulic clamping device. After processing the workpiece need to be blown off.


The formulation of a concept in which the automation cell is installed in front of the loading door of the milling machine. The workpieces, standing in 800 x 500 mm workpiece carriers, are conveyed to and from the automation cell by a circulating conveyor. The robot cell has an automated quick-change gripper system, to keep the change-over time when switching types as short as possible. There is a floor trough with grating to catch the coolant  emitted from the machine.

Technical data

Robot manufacturer



Robot handling weight

max. 50 kg

max. 50 kg

Robot range

2061 mm

2050 mm


Safety fence system

Workpiece carrier system

Pallet system


Circulating conveyor for

max. 10 workpiece carriers

800 x 500 mm

Load capacity

max. 50 kg

per workpiece carrier


The Unirobot WTUF pro is used for the automation of a 5-axle milling machine, type MATSUURA MX-850. It is fitted with a modern 6-axle industrial robot, which handles the workpieces by means of a gripper system tailored to specific workpiece types.

The robot cell is fitted and anchored to a plinth in front of the loading doors of the machine tool. Access to the machine tool working space for preparations and adjustments is ensured due to sufficient space between the robot and the machine tool. 

Our Uniprotect safety fence system provides a secure boundary around the working area of the robot. Two sliding doors provide access to the robot cell. The feed and removal of the workpieces is by workpiece carriers of a format of max. 800 x 500 mm. The workpiece carriers are fed to and removed from the robot cell by a circulating conveyor. This circulating conveyor consists of two linear conveyors with accumulating capability, and with two converters for the workpiece carriers at the ends. It is designed to take 10 workpiece carriers.

The robot has a double gripper for the removal of the workpieces and insertion into the machine tool. This is fitted to an automated quick-change system and can be automatically inserted into a holding device.

The operation and programming of all the robot cell functions is via a compact, user-friendly manual programming unit with touch screen.


  • Large workpieces can be fed and removed
  • Filling and emptying of the workpiece carriers by the operator in parallel with the main running times
  • Workpiece carriers can be individual adapted to the workpieces

Large access doors and a tilted positioning of the robot provide good accessibility to the machine tool for manual loading