unirobot PORTAL 2TB

A compact automation cell in the form of an overhead installation above a lathe, with conveyor belt system for workpiece feed and removal.


Development of a loading and unloading system for a lathe, which saves space and does not restrict the access to the working space.


The formulation of a concept in which an overhead automation cell is installed above the lathe, with the robot mounted on a horizontal track. The drawer system for holding the workpiece carriers is arranged above the chip conveyor.

Technical data

Robot manufacturer



Robot handling weight

max. 7 kg

max. 7 kg

Robot range

927 mm

911 mm


Machine tool superstructure

Workpiece carrier system

Conveyor belt system


Feed conveyor

2 sections

Width 0 - 70 mm

Length je 1150 mm


Removal conveyor

Width 200 mm

Length 1150 mm

Load capacity

max. 90 kg


The Unirobot PORTAL 2TB loading and unloading system is designed especially for the space-saving automation of certain types of machine tool. Implemented in conjunction with the Hardinge GT27 lathes, It is fitted with a modern, horizontally traversing 6-axle industrial robot, which handles the workpieces by means of a gripper system tailored to specific workpiece types. The robot cell is fitted above the machine tool, keeping the space needed to a minimum. 

A torsion-resistant steel frame forms the basis for all parts fitted to and incorporated in the robot cell. The robot cell is equipped with a protective cladding. Two or three maintenance doors give access to the robot cell or machine tool.

The robot cell is equipped with two conveyor belts for the feed and removal of workpieces. The feed conveyor belt is divided into 2 sections that can be infinitely adjusted to the width of the workpiece. The robot takes the workpieces from the feed conveyor and inserts them in the machine tool. The processed workpieces are placed by the robot on a downstream conveyor belt where they are buffered until removal by an operator.

The overhead mounting above the lathe means that the additional space required for handling is only 0.75 m².

The operation and programming of all the robot cell functions is via a compact, user-friendly manual programming unit with touch screen.